FLUIDEX, the Spanish Association for Fluid Handling Solutions & Process Technologies, is a private, non-profit organization whose main objectives are the international promotion of Spanish manufacturers in this industrial sector and the protection of their general interests.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Association carries out a number of different promotional activities as trade delegations, group participation in major and international trade fairs, organization of foreign buyer delegations to Spain, market studies and analysis or channelling of enquiries, as well as a variety of advertising activities in trade magazines or mail shots and catalogues, among others.

FLUIDEX gathers almost 90 different manufactures of Fluid Handling Equipment. Each individual company works with a different range of products, varying from valves and actuators, to pipes, pipe fittings, filters, compressors, expansion joints, and many others. Our member companies are mostly focused on the Oil&Gas and Water Sector, but they have also an expertise in other industries such as Energy, Mining, Chemical, Cement and Paper, among others.

Therefore, FLUIDEX closely reflects the Spanish thriving Fluid Handling manufacturing sector, promotes quality and reliability among its member companies as paramount objectives, and is a guarantee for good practices in the industry.

One of the main objectives of FLUIDEX is to create the space where supply and demand meet. The aim is to make business easier for the member companies, but also for the international companies interested in the Spanish Fluid Handling offer.

One of the main services that FLUIDEX offers to foreign companies is the possibility to contact the manufacturers through the Association, answering to RFQs and commercial inquiries, as well as deciding which company is more suitable to provide with the item requested. An extra support in case of any issue is also provided.

On the other hand, the Association provides a wide range of service to member companies: Arrange of Trade Delegations that can help Spanish companies to be more present in international markets. Arrange of inverse Trade Delegations, so international companies can learn about the state of the art manufacturing plants and meet the Spanish offer. Moreover, FLUIDEX arranges the Spanish participation of the sector in International Exhibitions in order to make the Spanish offer of equipment more present in the international stage. In addition, the Association offers customized services to the member companies as a taylor made solution to their needs.  

FLUIDEX also develops Market Research Studies, for member companies to be regularly informed about the situation of international markets. In addition, the Association also develops sectorial information to help international companies be more aware about the situation of the Spanish market. All the services provided by the Association are free of charge, as the aim is to work for the development of the Spanish Industry, counting on the support of the member companies.

Organizational structure

The Association´s government bodies are the following: 

General Assembly
Consists of all the member companies and it takes place every year, as it is established in the Association´s statutes. All the issues and subjects concerning the operation of the Association (action plans, business rules… among others) are discussed here. 

Direction Board
Consist of a number of member companies representing the different products and sub sectors forming the Associaton. This Board works as the management body of FLUIDEX and makes proposals and suggestions to the General Assembly, as well as monitors the management of the Association.

President and Vice-President
They represent the Association in all the public and private events, agreements and activities in which FLUIDEX takes part. 

Currently the Association is presided by Mr. Alex Eizmendi, from AMPO S. COOP company, and Vice-presidency is held by Mrs. Elisabet Pires from UNIONES ARPOL company. 

The companies that are part of the Direction Board are the following:


The team working in FLUIDEX comprises the following people:

- Elena Fernández - Managing Director: elena@fluidexspain.com
- Gontzal Ruiz - Project Manager: gontzal@fluidexspain.com
- Saioa Montes - Project Manager: saioa@fluidexspain.com
- Danele Galarraga - Management Assistant: danele@fluidexspain.com

Mission, vision and values

Good practices code

Associate guide

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

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Mission, vision and values

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Good practices code

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Associate guide

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