Trade Delegation to KOREA 2023

The Spanish Association of Fluid Handling Equipment Exporters, FLUIDEX, will visit Korea in 2023.


For industrial product it must be highlighted along with the industry dedicated to supply, the high value component incorporated to Korean exports from the principal imports. Korea is one of the most important world exporters in shipping construction, automotive or electronics, but at the same time needs to import a big amount of materials, parts and components. Therefore, it is a very interesting market for suppliers, especially the ones incorporating advanced technologies.


Despite its lack of domestic energy resources, South Korea is home to some of the largest and most advanced oil refineries in the world. In an effort to improve the nation's energy security, oil and natural gas companies are aggressively seeking overseas exploration and production opportunities. Although new discoveries might improve domestic oil prospects, overseas exploration and production play an essential role in South Korea's oil industry. The South Korean government has encouraged private E&P overseas through tax benefits and through the extension of credit lines to IOCs by the Korea Export-Import Bank


Korea developed its water sector during the period 1960-2012 with international support galvanizing it by investing in water and wastewater infrastructure. There was not a single sewer line in 1958 and by 20112 90% of its wastewater was treated, being now a recognized global model for water sector management and performance. The country also established municipal water and wastewater companies and trained engineers and specialists that continue running this vital sector. Now the task is to maintain the systems, reduce inefficiencies in the form of excess capacity and promote green growth in the sector. This includes a plan to reduce electricity consumption in the sector by at least 50%. The Government also wants to consolidate utilities according to river basins by 2030 to achieve economies of scale and reduce the need for financial support from the government budget.

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